University of Virginia


Intended Major: Statistics (Econometrics)

Minors: Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship

Cumulative GPA: 3.95

Completed Coursework: 

  • STAT 3080: From Data to Knowledge (R)

  • STAT 3220: Regression Analysis (SAS)

  • STAT 3250: Data Analysis with Python

  • COMM 2010: Financial Accounting

  • LPPL 2100: The Resilient Student

Fall 2020 Coursework

  • STAT 4630: Statistical Machine Learning

  • STAT 4559: Statistical Text Analysis

  • MATH 3350: Applied Linear Algebra

  • SAST 3701: Business and Banking in South Asia

  • COMM 2020: Managerial Accounting

Student Organizations

MII is a student-run, long/short equity fund with ~$600K in Assets Under Management at the University of Virginia. As an analyst, I: 

• Construct basic financial models to pitch long/short equities using Excel and CapitalIQ
• Attend Portfolio Management Committee meetings, develop an understanding of exposure and risk management
• Completed a 10-week training program that covers the fundamentals of investment banking, including DCF's, valuation, accounting, and financial modeling

TEDxUVA is an organization dedicated to bringing TED talks to the University community through the execution of two independently organized annual speaker conferences at UVA. On sponsorship, I am responsible for acquiring and allocating approximately ~$10K to fund conferences and general TED events. In the process, I work to form partnerships with local Charlottesville business owners from a variety of backgrounds. In addition to fundraising and budgeting, I also help recruit student and professional speakers to deliver talks.


SEED Consulting collaborates with innovative organizations across the globe to provide pro-bono consulting services and create positive, disruptive changes in industries ranging from education and technology to the environment and healthcare. As a part of the Executive Board and the Public Relations Chair, I:​

• Collaborate with a small team to oversee 10 consulting projects with 60+ team members
• Recruit and interview 150+ applicants; develop a strong social media presence on Instagram and Facebook

cd logo.jpg

The Cavalier Daily is an independent daily news organization at UVA, rated by the Princeton Review as the #4 college paper in the nation. The paper has a print circulation of approximately 7500 and thousands of daily online readers. As an opinion columnist, I am responsible for writing regular articles dissecting local, state, and national issues in public policy and current events. Some of my recent pieces include "Virginia can do more to protect its students" and "Mandate CR/NC grading for all spring courses."

Beginning in Fall 2020, I will serve as a Resident Advisor. My responsibilities include facilitating the transition of 23 incoming first-year students to UVA, course advising, crisis management, and creating a home away from home. In the process, I will collaborate on a diverse staff of 14 other RA's to develop programs and work to build a sense of community among the dorm.

Waffle Wednesday is a social club at UVA that gathers to eat waffles on Fridays. We aim to create a space that is welcoming to all backgrounds and majors and something to look forward to every week. As the Finance and Marketing Officer, I am responsible for acquiring and allocating funding for the club, and promoting the organization among the UVA community.

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