Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology


TJHSST is a public, science-technology-engineering-and-mathematics centered, Governor's, and magnet school in Northern Virginia. TJ was named the #1 public high school in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, and Niche in 2020 and has an acceptance rate of approximately 13.5%.


The school features 13 senior research labs ranging from Quantum Physics and Biotechnology to Computer Systems and Engineering Design. In addition, TJ offers an array of advanced coursework including Post-AP courses such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, and bioinformatics among others. Student activities are built into the school day as a part of the school's "8th period" extracurricular program.

After serving for 3 years as the 2019 Class Treasurer, I was elected as the school-wide Student Body President. On SGA, I:

  • Represented students with key stakeholders such as PTSA and Administration, reforming integrity and workload policy

  • Oversaw leadership team of 52 students, managed multiple accounts with ~$70K in funds

  • Negotiated an exclusive 3-year sponsorship deal with The Princeton Review to provide standardized test preparation for TJ students, yielding over $30K

  • Led branding efforts, including a new website and logo

  • Budgeted for and allocated funding and grants to 8th-period clubs

  • Restructured the organization, reducing bureaucracy and overlap in positions

  • Convinced administration to change policy positions on critical issues, achieving standardized course grading, removal of mandatory summer assignments, and revised attendance policies during AP Exam weeks.


Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.47.03 PM.png

Senior Research

Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics using Consumer Complaint Data

Abstract: Data science and visualization are increasingly used throughout modern industry to predict future outcomes and inform decision-making. The goal of the project is to use existing tools in computer programming to compute and display trends and patterns in consumer law enforcement. Using data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ("CFPB"), a python script will analyze data points from a specified timeframe and calculate various statistical measures. The project combines multiple code-based components to produce an interactive webpage with visual displays of quantitative metrics.​

Lab: Mobile and Web Application Development

Director: Mr. Paul Kosek

Advisor/Partner: Anubis Watal

Relevant Coursework:

  • Artificial Intelligence 1&2

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Web Application Development

  • Ap Computer Science Plus Data Structures

  • Design and Technology

  • Research Statistics

  • BC Calculus

The image to the left displays the analytics dashboard for the project created by me and Anubis Watal. The web interface includes key statistics regarding the complaints filed against each major bank, such as the severity of the complaint (determined using NLTK natural language processing), the regional performance of the bank, the average number of complaints per month, and size of the bank. This web application supports consumers with their banking decisions and simultaneously enables regulators to take action against malicious banking practices. 



Co-Captain, Varsity Coed Golf

Competed on the TJ Coed Golf team as a Varsity Athlete all 4 years. The team consistently won district and region titles, and was the Virginia State Runner-Up in 2015. As Co-Captain, I recruited students to join the team, facilitated practices, competed in tournaments, and organized matches for the team.


During my senior year, I served as the Co-Director for TJ Peer Tutoring as well as an AP Micro/Macro Economics peer tutor. The organization facilitates and organizes tutoring for hundreds of students every year in a variety of subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and economics. 

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