I served as a 2018 summer intern for a startup in Tysons, Virginia that creates targeted fundraising strategies for nonprofits. I collaborated with another intern to create a web-based platform with Artificial Intelligence capabilities that automatically finds the most likely persons to donate given one's social network and public data. The company filed for a patent on this application on which I am named as a co-inventor. During the internship, I also handled UX design and testing, creating and administering market research surveys. 

Save Money. Save the Planet

Consumer demand for electricity varies greatly throughout the day, and utilities respond by price gouging during peak hours to disincentivize use. When price gouging is unsuccessful at lowering demand, utilities contribute extra capacity with “peaker” plants- small and inefficient natural gas plants that generate among the nation’s worst pollution. Most consumers aren’t aware of the hours when they should reduce consumption and end up paying over 10x as much per kWh to run everyday appliances during peak hours. With our application, users will be notified when surge pricing is likely to occur in order to save money and save the environment.


Created as a part of HooHacks, the University of Virginia annual Hackathon

Co-Creators: Lukas Houpt, Tessa Danehy, Anubis Watal

Relevant Concepts:

  • API integration

  • Javascript


  • JSON

  • ChartJS

  • VueJS

SurgeSaver tracks live and predictive Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) across over 20 energy/power utilities in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic. We alert users when price gouging is likely to occur within the next 24 hours, giving them the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their power usage. In addition, the application compiles and displays informative visualizations of demand trends.

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